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West Lothian might not seem an obvious creative hub but the sector has shown steady growth from 290 registered enterprises in 2008 to 575 in 2019 that employ around 3,000 people.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are cities recognised as cultural centres for art, entertainment and recreation West Lothian has an enviable locale between the two.

Sky who have had premises in Livingston since 1989 have recently opened a new Sky academy visitors centre. The goal of this new building is to deliver an engaging, fun and educational space for students to experience different aspects of news media as part of the school curriculum.

It is also home to Jupiter Artland an award winning contemporary sculpture garden located on the outskirts of East Calder. West Lothian also hosts many visitor attractions such as Hopetoun House and Linlithgow Palace both used extensively as film locations for programs such as Outlander.

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