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Workforce Development

The training and development of your staff are vital for future business success.  At West Lothian Council, we believe in effective partnership working across private sector businesses, public sector agencies and education providers. We want to help you attract and employ the right people for your growing business.

Through our Employer Offer, you will have a single point of contact.  We believe that this approach works best for all concerned.  Crucially, it ensures effective collaboration for all involved.  Your business success helps create jobs, investment and economic wellbeing across West Lothian.

In West Lothian, businesses know that they can always draw on the right skills.  Our corridors of talent across the M8/M9 networks provide access to the best skills, all within a 30-minute radius.

There is joined-up financial support for those businesses across key sectors that are committed to sustainable and inclusive growth.   We believe that must include a clear strategy for ongoing productivity improvements.

Below we have a series of pages that will detail the resources and financial support available for the development of your workforce.  These pages will explain how you can train and upskill existing staff, create new positions for young people and create opportunities that will benefit your company along with the West Lothian community. 

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