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Business Development

We have a team of professionally qualified advisers who will collaborate and assist you with your businesses growth journey. Our team aims to create long-term relationships with businesses in Livingston and the wider West Lothian area. There is no shortcuts to sustained economic development.

At West Lothian Council, you will have a single point of contact.  We believe that this approach works best for all concerned.  Crucially, it ensures effective collaboration for all involved.  Your business success helps create jobs, investment and economic wellbeing across West Lothian.

West Lothian Council is recognised as pro-business. We are measured by our results.  Economically, that is all about successful businesses, high-value key sectors, diverse and resilient stock of firms, and well-paid, secure employment for residents of all ages.

We have a series of pages below that detail the full range of advice, funding support and guidance on how your company can reach its environmental goals.   

We have embraced environmental sustainability in business and advocate for inclusive economic growth – we want to work with firms that share those values.

West Lothian Council will engage with you on a strict basis of privacy and confidentiality.

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