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Businesses are becoming increasingly driven by advances in technology, utilising digital technology within business is no longer something that is just nice to do, it is almost certainly essential.   Embracing digital technology can be challenging for those not experienced in this area and for many it is difficult to calculate the value or return on investment in doing so.

There are many resources, sources of information and help for businesses who are looking to adopt new technologies for the first time or are looking to develop and improve their current digital strategy.

Digital Boost

A Digital Boost Digital Health-check will assess the current level of your online business and help to identify what aspects of digital technology that will help to improve your business efficiency, increase turnover and enable opportunities for business growth.  Digital Boost will provide guidance with e-commerce, digital marketing strategy and ways to implement.  Providing expert business support and webinars to make your business more competitive and productive.   We recommend that you engage with your local business gateway office for tailored advice and onward referral for further support through the Digital Boost Programme.

Upskilling – Business Gateway have prepared a suite of downloadable articles and guides for digital implementation from very beginners to businesses already implementing digital technologies in their businesses.

Free digital workshops are also an invaluable resource in our toolkit that offer free webinars that are suitable for and relevant to any company size.   It doesn't matter if you are a small business or looking to start your own business in the near future, come along.

Digital Development Loan

Budgeting can be a challenging prospect for creating an online marketing strategy, our experienced advisers and digital specialists are on board to help you to create a viable plan for this and work with you to source finance for implementation.

Scottish Tech Army

The Scottish Tech Army was formed at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic in Spring 2020.  It is a not for profit company that works to help organisations across the country with rapid technical development projects to address the challenges and post pandemic economic recovery. 


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