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West Lothian has an established history of attracting multinational electronic and technology companies. Livingston expanded rapidly due to a number of major players locating here, the town soon became known as Scotland's Silicon Glen.

Around 90 firms employ 3,000 people within the region, including world-leading companies such as Mitsubishi and Shin-Etsu Handotai as well as diverse indigenous electronics and optoelectronics sectors, software development and IT services.

West Lothian's strengths in this centre are underpinned by its proximity to nine leading universities, its future sustained by the creation of the five data-driven innovation hubs as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Deal.

Mitsubishi has been producing air conditioning and water heat pump systems in Livingston since 1994. The heat pumps are capturing attention in the renewable heating area as a way to conserve energy. Mitsubishi have also recently relocated their UK research and development to Livingston with aims for it to become the centre of design excellence outside of Japan. 

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