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There are approximately 630 construction companies with 5,500 employees based in West Lothian.

Despite a slowdown in the national house building and construction industries, activity has remained high within West Lothian and employment is still extremely significant to the local economy. The Council, in partnership with local housebuilders, have worked to re-energise the housebuilding sector, resulting in the number of house completions significantly increasing since 2011.

Core Development Areas within West Lothian have seen significant house build - Winchburgh is one of the largest mixed-use developments in the country, with over 3,400 houses planned to be delivered. The Heartlands will significantly increase the size of Whitburn, comprising 2,000 new houses and 100 acres of employment land. Calderwood at East Calder has the capacity for over 2,000 new homes and associated business and infrastructure.

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