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Employing a Young Person

Find more information here about the support available for your business to employ a young person.

Steps N2 Work

West Lothian Council Employer Recruitment Incentive (ERI) offers wage subsidy positions to small/medium employers based within West Lothian. If you are creating a new position for a 16 - 24 year old you will receive up to £7,000.  The wage subsidy will pay 50% of the Real Living Wage for 26 weeks.

In addition to financial support, a team of employment advisers will help your business find the right person for the position and provide in-work support if required.

For more information on the criteria please contact

Young Person Guarantee

Skills for Business Programme

Skills for Business is a programme for young entrepreneurs currently affected by unemployment but with a passion for future business success. If you have a business idea and have ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss, then Skills for Business could be just the starting point for you.

For more information download the PDF here

West Lothian College has designed a variety of products to ensure that the young person has the skills and subject specialism to enable access to your industry. Whether is it short sharp training on our Skills Boost Programme, full-time college courses or six months accelerated HNCs you can be confident that we have a talent pool to support your recruitment requirements.

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