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Transitioning at Pace to Net Zero

A new programme powered by Scottish training provider The Verdancy Group and Skills Development Scotland aims to educate and inform senior leaders across a number of business sectors in how to attain net zero goals, writes Andrew Collier.

The race to net zero is one of the greatest challenges of our age, and Scotland’s targets in cutting carbon emissions are particularly ambitious. We aim to reduce output by 75 percent by 2030 and to decarbonise completely by 2045.

This is a huge change and it needs everyone to sign up to it. People – and particularly business leaders – need to fully understand how the change will affect them and what they can do about it. That means taking advantage of imaginative, tailored learning.

And now, leading training provider The Verdancy Group, based in Livingston, will be offering with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) senior leaders the ability to develop their net zero skillsets.

The Transitioning at Pace to Net Zero project has been created to upskill senior leaders with the climate emergency principles to enable informed workforce planning and skills development to support Scotland’s Net Zero ambitions.  Delivered by The Verdancy Group, endorsed by ESP and CPD Certified, this training is fully funded by SDS and the Scottish Government’s National Transition Training Fund.

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