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Find Business Support Launches: Cost of Doing Business Section

Rising costs make it tough to run a business. That’s why Find Business Support has created the Cost of Doing Business Section along with partners to help you find the support your company needs.

Browse the categories on the webpage to find funding, advice, and other support tailored to your needs - from making your business greener and more efficient, to managing your finances more effectively.

The breakdown of the categories includes:

  • Reduce energy costs for your business.
  • Information on alternative heating systems.
  • Funding green improvements.
  • Managing Finances.
  • Sector-specific funding and support.
  • Region-specific funding and support.
  • How to get employees involved.
  • Get involved in the circular economy.
  • Redundancy support.

Click the link below and find out all the useful resources this page has to offer!

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