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Business Development Grants

Growth Assistance Project

Support will be considered for projects involving total eligible costs of at least £100,000.  Typical grant award of £45,000.  Applications need to demonstrate that the proposed project will be strategic to the development of the business by improving competitiveness and creating high-value jobs in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Training Grant

Ready to improve productivity and profits through workforce development?  With grant support from West Lothian Council, businesses can invest, work smarter and increase profitability.  We will help West Lothian businesses to invest in accredited training and upskilling.  Our grant award is between £10,000 to £50,000 against approved training and productivity objectives.  Your business needs to be viable, have a plan for growth and operate in a higher-value sector including construction, food & drink, manufacturing, engineering, technology and life sciences.

Economic Recovery Fund

The purpose of this fund is to support viable local firms with business growth, adaptation and resilience.  Support will stimulate increased higher-value economic activity.  Our key metrics will include: -

  • Investment in key skills training,
  • Retraining of new staff,
  • Market development,
  • Higher-value job creation, and
  • Social inclusion themes

Direct financial support at an average of £20,000 per business will depend on the outcomes.  Firms committing to more of the metrics above will be awarded a higher grant, all subject to agreed conditions.

To register interest and find out more please email -

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