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Graduate Recruitment Fund

You can receive up to a £10,000 grant if you employ someone in the following 3 categories for a position longer than 12 months that pays £25,000 and over.  We would prefer the successful graduate to be a West Lothian resident.

The 3 jobs that the Graduate Recruitment Fund is supporting are a Cyber Security Champion, Green Champions, and a STEM Graduate.

Cyber Security Champion Role

Computing infrastructure is now a central component of most businesses and is absolutely vital for day-to-day communication both internally, and with clients or partners. It is also an important source of diverse revenue streams and can provide a range of data sources that can help businesses drive efficiency, and ultimately growth. As a result, this infrastructure is a potential target, whether it be an attack on software, sensitive data, vital records, or even finances.

A Cyber Security champion can perform a number of key roles for your business, not only in safeguarding your business and its systems from these attacks but also in identifying areas for improvement, efficiency, or growth. Helping your business to be up-to-date and responsive to threats or opportunities as they develop.

Green Champion Role

The climate emergency and nature loss are the two biggest threats we face globally, with the growing prominence of the climate emergency in the media, politics, consumer awareness, and wider society the time for action is now.

A good way to help your business reach net zero and make the green transition work for you is through the role of a green champion. A green champion's focus will be on changing your existing business culture and approaches to sustainability. Generally, this role will be filled by a person who has a passion for positive climate action in their home lives and sees this role as an opportunity to drive change.


STEM Graduates are critical to the future growth of the economy. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are at the foundation of every aspect of modern life.  STEM graduates are the future innovators, innovation leads to new ideas, new products and services, and increased efficiencies that will support the growth of a business.

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